5 Conference Room Designs You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

Do you have an upcoming conference in your organization? You should aim at transforming the event by choosing an inspirational, modern, and cool venue. Current surveys reveal that official delegates spend 50% their working hours in conventions while employees are expected to spend 30% of their time in office meetings. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the best conference rooms in Auckland are those that feature the right form and function. Wouldn’t you want to spend half of your working time in an inspiring space?

Here, you will get a collection of 5 modern trends you can add to a conference venue.

  1. Acoustic Furniture

Perhaps your venue is an open area or semi-open like a huddle room or pod. In such a case, acoustic furniture would be a great addition. This design trend is functional and smart. Look for appropriate sizes and shapes of furniture such as modular panels, cocoons, chairs, and freestanding pods. Acoustic furniture is a great way to reduce noises and enhance the privacy of a convention. The furniture absorbs hum of the activities going on thus facilitating a calm environment where guests can interact without disruptions. People will feel more connected and comfortable.

  1. Technology

A modern conference should exhibit a sophisticated ambiance such as tables with inbuilt power sources, wireless charging mechanisms, and multi-media functions. Technology brings the convenience and functionality that function venues in Auckland require while at the same time eliminating clutters e.g. cables and cords. Such an environment is safer because there is no chaos of terrible wires. Consider other vital additions such as TV monitors, video conferencing units, and projectors. These days, video conferencing units are designed in lightweight materials with sleek features to take only a little space. For instance, one dynamic HD conferencing unit can be used to replace a bulky analog system.

  1. Incorporating nature into the conference room

Studies reveal that natural elements are great sources of inspiration to most people. Adding nature is a popular trend and has been proven to impact positively the performance of attendees. Such features include wooden tables, potted plants, water walls, and fireplaces. These additions are surefire ways to encourage guests, minimize stress, and enhance creativity. Additionally, plants on walls and water fountains can absorb background sounds hence creating a calmer environment.

  1. Flexibility

The working culture is changing gradually and it is good to change even the working spaces. Styles of meetings range from impromptu, stand-ups, formal, and sit-downs. It is important that you choose furnishings which will bring comfort to your guests and help them to interact in ways they find convenient. Consider soft modular seats for gatherings that involve long hours. Choose tables with adjustable heights so that the guests may stand or sit. Flexible furnishings facilitate the dynamic needs of a conference and will remain functional even for days to come.

  1. Interior color

Incorporating color into a conference room makes it look more organized and beautiful. An accent wall, for example, is easier and more economical but you may also add vibrant accessories to make the venue livelier. Colorful options are limitless from acoustic panels to multi-colored glass whiteboards. Choose colors that will boost the mood of your guests. Remember that different colors evoke different feelings and perceptions e.g. red represents power and passion while yellow denotes happiness and intellectual energy. So, what mood do you want to bring to your delegates?

A modern design with simple functionality can never go out of fashion. Today, most Auckland conference rooms have video conferencing units. This is something you cannot overlook if you want a million dollar meeting space.