Top Tips When It Comes to Energy Saving at Work

When it comes to energy saving in the workplace there are so many small changes you can make that will help you to make huge savings in the long run. With a lot of energy savings easily made by changing employees habits in the workplace, you’ll be able to quickly see huge reductions be enforcing a few new rules in your place of work along with making some of the key changes suggested below. Here’s a few small changes you could make that will help you to make a difference and save energy:

Motion Sensor Lights

Lights which are operated on a motion sensor make a considerable difference to the amount of energy you can save. It’s a good idea to have these in areas which are used less than others for example the kitchen areas, toilets and meeting rooms, as they will only turn on when the rooms are in use meaning you won’t be paying for rooms which are unused where the lights have been left on all day. They are also especially popular in warehousing where some aisles may not be used as regularly as others helping to save large amounts of energy.

Ensure all PCs are Shut Down at the End of the Day

Leaving computers on standby mode overnight is a huge drain of resources and wastes so much energy. Remind colleagues to shut down their work stations everyday before they leave rather than leave them on standby mode and overtime you’ll see considerable changes that will make a big difference to your energy bills.

Switch your Supplier

One of the best ways you can make savings without having to do very much at all is by switching your energy supplier. Take a look at a company like OVO, who offer fair pricing and a great service, it could make such a big difference to your outgoings, especially when priced up over a year long period.

Install Solar Panels

Free, clean and renewable solar energy is one of the best resources that we have and will be beneficial to reducing your bills. Although solar panels can be costly to install, overtime the energy you’ll save make them well worth the initial investment. They’ll also help you to present yourself as a more responsible employer who cares about looking after the environment.

By using a combination of these methods, you’ll quickly and easily be able to significantly reduce your energy costs and make your business much more environmentally friendly.