The Top Benefits of Joining a Workers Union in Winnipeg

A workers union is an organization that acts as a mediator between its members and the company or institution that employs them. The main function of workers unions is to give employees the power to negotiate for better working conditions, higher wages and other benefits through collective bargaining. If you are wondering whether or not to join a workers union in Winnipeg, read on to learn some reasons why you definitely should.

Collective Bargaining

This is the heart and soul of workers unions. Collective bargaining happens when a group of people, like the workers at an institution or company, stand together to increase their negotiating power. Workers unions bring employees together, which gives them more negotiating power. For example, a single employee may feel that a particular new safety measure should be introduced at the workplace, but they might have limited power to get the employer to implement the new measure. But, if the whole workforce is informed on the need for the safety measure and unites to pressure the employer, there is a greater chance of success. When you join a supermarket union, you increase your chances of getting better pay and working hours, as well.

Higher Wages

Another benefit of joining a workers union in Winnipeg is that you can enjoy higher wages compared to non-unionized workers. Unionized workers get more compared to others in similar jobs that are not supported by a union. Besides this, unionized workers are more likely to enjoy regular pay raises. This is because of collective bargaining between the union and the employer that results in agreements setting out clear terms concerning pay and wages. A supermarket union can help workers get better wages and regular raises. In cases where the employees are not unionized, the employer can set the wage without input from the workers or any formal bargaining process.


Workplace Safety

When labour is costly, employers invest more in equipment and employee training, which improves morale at the place of work and improves productivity. When employees are looked after, everyone benefits. But when workers are considered disposable, employers can become less interested in protecting them. Workers might also lack someone to represent them to the management on safety issues when they do not belong to a union. With a union to intervene on behalf of workers, the employer is likely to take the right steps to guarantee employee safety.

Better Benefits

Normally, unionized workers are likely to enjoy better benefits compared to non-unionized ones. That includes retirement, health and leave allowances. Union representatives work out better benefits and present them to the employer. With a union, you are sure to enjoy better benefits at the workplace.

Your Representative

Another benefit of joining a workers union in Winnipeg is that the union works on your behalf. If you have a personal issue with the employer, the union will represent you. Non-unionized workers have to contact the human resource department for help. But always remember that the department is part of the business, not a workers’ representative. Meeting with the HR representative on your own can be nerve wracking.