Promotional Products Go Beyond Marketing

Logo Items. Seems straightforward enough; giveaway products that have your company logo on them. But, take a step back and look at promotional products, the way we use them. It goes way beyond “stuff with logos.” Promotional products may work be one of the most diverse marketing tools we use. The range of objectives for which branded items are used is amazing. Companies the leverage promo items well take a holistic approach, carrying themes and continuity throughout their efforts. We have captured the eight most popular applications for promotional products.

Trade Show Giveaways
Let’s start with what most people think about when they consider promo items, tradeshow giveaways. By far, every trade show is an exhibition of the latest promotional products alongside some of the old stand-bys; logo pens anyone? If you are promoting correctly, buying items for trade shows is more complicated than just getting “stuff with logos”. At any given trade show you have at least three different audiences: 1) Potential buyers. Not in-market, but you want them to know your name. 2) Prospects. These folks may be responsible for your next paycheck. 3) Customers. They keep you going with their business. Clearly, the way you treat these groups (and there may be more) should be different. So why are you buying just one everyone?

Employee Gifts
New employees, acknowledging anniversaries, or the occasional ‘thank you,’ small gifts are great ways to show that you think about the employees and value them. These gifts typically have the company logo imprinted on them and are intended to be a reminder that the company appreciates them.

Employee Rewards / Incentives
Of course, we want to encourage employees to achieve more or better results. It may be sales goals, quality scores, or customer satisfaction ratings, but whatever the objective, recognition through rewards incentivizes employees to reach higher. By using logo items, the recognition remains visible over time and is a reminder of their achievement.

Company Culture
Branded items may not be able to play a significant role in the development of all corporate cultures, but for many, their brand (represented by the logo) and the connection to is a magnet for talent. When this is the case, having logo items such as apparel, cups, bags and more are powerful tools to reinforce that connection. For some companies, the connection is strong enough to open a “company store” that sell logo items to employees in addition to the items they receive.

Client Gifts
Clients are your bread & butter. Showing appreciation for their business is a common practice. Branded gifts can play a significant role in this. Certainly, you can give nice pens, but your consideration should go deeper than a pen for everyone. The options are virtually endless. From fun gift like Fidget Spinners to high-end merchandise like Tumi Bags, you can find a range of branded items to suit a range of clients.

Holiday Gifts
Branded gifts during the holidays is a great way to stay in touch with employees, customers, and vendors. While hard goods like shirts, pens, or chargers are great choices, another product has been packaged to allow branding as well. Food. You can get candies and chocolates with your logo molded right into the product. Way cool!

Point of Sale
Retail stores tend to focus on what they sell. But, they can benefit by considering what they can give away. Promotional items given at the point of sale are a pleasant surprise for customers and if well thought out, can be a great compliment to the merchandise they buy. To get more utility from giveaways, a retailer can consider imprinting the items with an “evergreen” coupon to encourage repeat visits. Using a little imagination can open a wide array of promo item options to help retailers at the point of sale.

In The Packaging
When customer purchase products, those products tend to be for a particular purpose. The customers will only think about the when they use them. But, what if you can stay in front of the customer even when they are not using the product they purchased? Under Armour is a great example of thinking outside the box. When they launched their new line of shoes, they included a custom shaped flash drive, shaped like a jet. The jet was used in their advertising to promote the new shoes, and the promo item extended the impression beyond the shoes themselves.

Planning Your Promotional Item Programs
So there is a lot to do over the next year. From planning for trade shows to employee incentive programs and more, you have a lot to do. Though it may be a bit daunting to try to plan for all of the uses of logo items, you should look ahead and determine what items can work in multiple places. If you plan ahead and purchase in larger quantities, you can save money and reduce your stress.