Make 2018 a Productive Year!

Before we know it 2018 will be upon us, and once the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, we’ll be back to work wondering how the year in front of us will pan out.  It can seem bleak, with nothing to look forward to, and that mind set can have a detrimental effect on our productivity.


What we need when we feel like this is action!  Put together some solutions as to how you can start the New Year off positively.  Your ideas don’t need to happen all at once, and some tweaks and changes to what you are used to can pay dividends.


Here are some tips to get your started.


Get the job done

This might sound so obvious.After all getting the job done is what you’re there for.  Just learn to do it with an open mind; realise that nothing you do within your job is always going to be 100% perfect.  Allow yourself a margin for error now and again!  Trying to achieve the impossible could be a waste of time, so just do your best.  If you encounter any problems further down the line, amendments can be made.  A fresh perspective when you’ve slept on things can often improve the outcome.


Be happy in your surroundings

If you think the office needs a facelift, then tell your boss.  He or she can only say no!  If new décor is out of the question, then personalise your own workspace.  Having a photo of a loved one on your desk, or a pot plant will make you feel relaxed.  If you’re happy then productivity can be increased by up to 15%!  Take a little break every hour or so to stretch your legs. A little walk over to the water cooler will give you a little movement whilst giving you that much needed hydration – dehydration will shrink your brain thus reducing your productivity.  Try and get some fresh air on your lunch break – time away from your desk is wise, because the chances are if you eat at your desk then you’ll still be working – and that’s no break! Taking some time out will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the afternoon.


Choose your tasks wisely

Clear the clutter in your inbox.  We know your time is precious and that you can get bogged down with tasks that just don’t seem to be worth wasting that time on.  But if you clear the small jobs first, the rest of the day can be spent on more valuable projects and your time management will be A1!


Arrange a social

Feeling part of a team is imperative.  Your colleagues don’t necessarily need to be your friends but arranging a social evening may just bring you all together and make for a more harmonious working environment.  You’ll find you have things in common with your co-workers and getting to know them away from the office might just help with overall morale.  If you don’t fancy an evening out, then approach your boss about organising an away day.  A day out at a local activity park will encourage team building by bringing everyone together for some fun and exciting problem solving challenges!  Maybe you have an office full of adrenaline junkie dare devils?  A team skydive might be just the thing to get everyone involved.  Most skydiving schools will offer discounts for multiple or group jumpers.  If it’s not for you, you can still be included by organising sponsorship to help your favourite charity.