Leading an effective sales team

Leading an effective sales team takes the work of an effective leader. By managing your team well you can ensure success. But the question is; what needs to be done by the team to make this success a reality?


Lead generation is almost solely due to marketing efforts in order to draw in your customers and clientele. Without generating leads there is no one to sell to. This strategy needs to be constantly updated and tweaked in order to bring in potential customers or leads.

Marketing can be done in countless ways such as hosting networking events, social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) or Google ads. However you choose to lure the potential customers in iswhat you do once they have shown an interest that really matters. Lead management should truly take hold once a lead has been generated.

Sorting through the pile

If you have run a successful marketing campaign you will be sitting on a few potential leads, but which ones do you follow up with first?

The first, and most important, step to take is to filter through the leads in order to determine which one(s) are of the highest priority. The validity of requests need to be investigated and then lead management can take over. Once priorities have been set these leads need to be nurtured into sales.

Time is money

The time within which you respond to a customer inquiry or lead capture plays a huge role in determining if the leads will be converted or lost. Once contact forms have been submitted or an attempt to contact you has been made it is up to the assigned team member to follow up – and quickly!

Nurturing leads

Following up on leads manually can be messy and important leads can be lost. It is possible to stay on top of leads with an effective team running at 100% morning, noon and night, though this is rare.

By investing in a lead management system you can automate the process of following up. Once leads are generated Leadtrekker automatically assigns it to the correct person so that it does not fall through the cracks. If the person in charge of the lead takes too long to follow up the next person in the hierarchy, usually the lead manager, will be notified and likely take-over.

Streamline the lead management process with Leadtrekker!