How to Master High Traffic Volume During Tradeshow Exhibitions

Everyone desires to have a beehive’s worth of activity at their respective tradeshow booths, but very few people are willing to do what it takes to get that traffic. It should be known that mastering high traffic volumes at your booths does not require much knowledge, and is far from being rocket science, but sometimes it drills down to the simple things you do, and how you treat your booth visitors.

Here are some simple methods you can use to attract and retain more visitors:

Be sure to acknowledge every visitor

It is vital to say hello to every visitor that stops by your booth, irrespective of how busy you think you are. Make them feel appreciated and if you are too busy to tend to them at that very moment, simply tell them that you will be with them shortly. This will offer them the assurance that you care, and they will be glad to wait for you.

Avail self-help resources

Since people are generally curious by nature, you should provide self-help resources that appeal to their imagination. As they wait to be tended to, they can pick up such resources, and go through them to find some of the answers they may have been searching for. This will make even those who had no intention of having a conversation with you stop by your booth.

Get the visitors into group demonstrations or discussions

This is effective when the visitors are still in the questions phase, and they are asking almost similar questions. Have them gather together and respond to them while in a group. In this manner, all of them will have a chance to learn about your products collectively, and in case you had a demonstration, this would be a good time to carry it out, instead of performing the demonstration to each visitor, one at a time.