Five Clear Signs Your Business Needs a Field Service Management Software

For many small and medium-sized enterprises, managers are unsure whether implementing a field service management software is worth the effort and cost. When going through this decision, there are several things you need to consider. But before we go into that, let’s identify exactly what field service management software is. FSM software is a system that enables companies to deliver effective onsite service by managing personnel, tracking requests, and maintaining visibility into operations. Here are five signs your business needs to implement a field service management software.

1. Your Workforce is Often Late to Assignments

Delays can compromise the trust a customer has for your business. You, therefore, need to make sure that your crew gets to work at the right time. Investing in a field service management software can help.

With a field service application, a business owner can easily break down and assign tasks to technicians. This way, the technician can see the task he/she has been assigned to and get to the job site on time.

2. Errors in Accounting or Job Notes

Do you notice accounting errors when receipts are being entered into the system or during audits? If yes, you may be experiencing transcription difficulties. This normally happens when there is a gap between the receipts being entered into the system and the jobs being completed. Lost or damaged paper receipts can also make it difficult to get an accurate account of a job.

A cloud-based FSM software is a perfect estimating and invoicing tool that can help you streamline your accounting workload. An FMS allows field technicians to create quotes, invoices, purchase orders and update their inventories, all from the working site. Most field service management applications have the capability to integrate with third-party accounting systems thus eliminating double entry of data.

3. You Need to Schedule Appointments Better

One of the most attractive features of field service management software is scheduling. With a good field service management software, your team is able to optimize bookings and plan out the most efficient routes, effectively reducing downtimes.

Additionally, FSM software has a real-time scheduling feature that alerts employees whenever new jobs are added to the pipeline.

4. You Match Employees to The Wrong Task

A field service app often comes with a skill management feature. This feature allows users to match tasks to the right employees. The system is easy to use; just feed the skills of each employee into the system and let it do the rest – it pairs them up with the appropriate tasks.

5. Your Customer Communication Needs to Upgrade

A quality FMS software offers some of the customer-tracking benefits of a customer relationship management system. The application has tools that can automatically remind a client of their scheduled service such as HVAC checkup or lawn maintenance. The software’s customer segmentation feature allows business operators to group clients into segments based on the type of service, geographical location, etc., to ease targeted communication.

The right field service management software will enable you to manage your personnel, track on-site requests and get broad visibility into your service operations. Therefore, choose a field service management solution that suits your specific business needs.