Ecommerce: choose a Courier Service

Fast delivery, convenient and inexpensive or free: these are the expectations of the consumer when buying online. Delivering an order to a customer in optimal conditions has become a major issue for an e-merchant.

After the war of the best price, efficient service like next day parcel delivery to USA from UK, is the best service that must also win. Innovations in this area are increasing, from the set point in the station to the drones.

Why ensure a good delivery service?

Delivery after the scheduled date is the first cause of dissatisfaction of the consonants. The information comes from an Ifop poll commissioned in 2013 by the collective Get it Lab, made up of Chronopost, Colizen, Generix, with the support of Galeries Lafayette, Asos, Sarenza, Brandalley, Oscaro and sponsored by Catherine Barba …).

Among the points of improvement pointed out by the Net surfers, are added to the respect of the deadlines of delivery, the levels of expenses of delivery and the respect of the schedules.
Doubt is no longer possible: even if the price remains the number one motivation for buying online, the logistic quality is closely behind him in the minds of consumers especially in terms of loyalty.

How to choose your solutions?

Four points need to be studied to correctly choose the delivery provider.

  • Zone of your market: national, international or both? In case of international shipping, do not forget the customs fees. It is also useful to know if your market is mostly in town or in the countryside, in remote corners or in areas of high population density (if your target is rather in rural areas, there is no point in wanting to test the instructions. digital).
  • The type of products to be shipped,including weight and bulk. Size is indeed important because it does not necessarily mean heavy weight.
  • Returns management. If your customers need to be able to return packages to you (which is normally the case), make sure that the transport provider manages them.
  • Deadlines. The expectations of your customers in this area must be in line with the capabilities of your provider.

The delivery services of the market

The classic delivery services

With conventional means of delivery, the parcel is delivered to an address indicated by the buyer, at home or at his place of work for example. Courier Point is the mastodon of the sector.

Express deliveries

Courier point also present in the express niche, in France and abroad, with its express delivery service.
Private carriers like TNT, UPS, UBS, Fedex known for its international shipments but also in France with Fedexpress. They have a reputation for speed and reliability.

The withdrawal point and the web-to-store

According to a study conducted by NextContent for Neopost ID, in-store withdrawals are on the rise among consumers. Called point withdrawal or relay point, these places of withdrawal is often convenience stores. The principle: it is to have the customer’s package delivered to an authorized store where he can pick it up during the opening hours of the store. Customers particularly appreciate the free availability of this delivery method.

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