8 Tips to Trim Cost on Your Next Move

Let’s face it: Moving is painstaking, right? It’s so not only because it’s hectic, tiresome, time-consuming and stressful. The other miffing element is the cost involved in making a move. It’s beyond doubt that if you hire a professional moving company, it’s going to cost to several hundred dollars.

But if spending hard earned money on cardboard boxes and movers doesn’t sound appealing, you are lucky. Guess the good news!  We have accumulated below some great tricks, after discussion with some specialists Aliso Viejo movers, to help you save money while moving to a new house or office. Make sure you look at these things before moving into a new house.  Let’s know what’s those tricks are.


Clear out items like unwanted clothes, outdated electronics, unnecessary furniture, which you don’t need or want in your new property. Not only will it make moving cheaper and easier, but you might be able to generate extra cash by selling useless items.

Save on Storage Boxes


Moving boxes may cost huge! The best way to avoid this expense is to collect free supplies from sources like stores, online marketplaces, and friends. Not only you will find the boxes easily, but it will save you hundreds of dollars. You can check our local grocery stores, recycling drop-off points, schools offices for extra moving boxes that may uselessly lie around.

Pick a Cheaper Date and Time

When hiring a moving company, being selective with date and time can be a great money saver. First, avoid moving during the peak moving season, usually between May and August. Preferably, choose mid-week or mid-month dates of off-seasonal months like September and April. Because of low demand of services, the movers will charge you comparatively low.

Research on Several Movers

Before deciding upon a mover, make sure you receive and compare a quote from at least three movers. An in-person or video inspection of your belongings is imperative before giving a quote.

Keep in mind, the cost of move majorly depends on the distance and weight of the items to be moved. So, make sure the quote doesn’t involve the items that you won’t be moving. Hire a reputable, licensed and insured mover for a safe transition.

Catch a Tax Break

If you are moving because of a corporate reason, you can deduct certain moving costs like transportation and storage costs of goods as well as travel and lodging expenses incurred while moving to a new location. You may need to consult a tax preparer to check your eligibility for tax deduction when moving to a new place.

Assess Insurance Options

 A reputed moving company always provides insurance coverage. It is mandatory for the movers to extend full-value or released –value liability coverage. Never sign a delivery receipt if it contains terms like releasing or discharging the mover from liability. According to law, you can file a written claim up to the next six months of the move.

Pack Small Items Yourself

Packing small and unbreakable items like linens, books, DVDs, etc. can weigh down in terms of cost. Hiring a professional packer, for items that are small and lightweight, can be expensive. DIY packing can be a money-saving alternative here. Make sure you have enough time to do it!

Also, packing costs vary from mover to mover. So be sure to ask their charges per hour and how long their packing services typically take.

Examine your Contract Carefully

Once you have selected a professional moving company, make sure you take a hard look at the contract. Examine the written document for insurance and liability options carefully. Keep in mind, while Release Value option is money-saving, but it comes with minimal protection. So, choose mindfully!

But don’t forget to budget for a decent thank you to the buddies who helped you move easily.

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