Solutions for Contaminated Land

Oates Environmental Limited provides hazardous waste disposal services all over Yorkshire. Our company has developed alongside changing legislation, which means we have an innovative modern approach to meeting your waste disposal needs. We specialise in several areas, such as hazardous waste disposal and industrial tank cleaning. We also provide solutions for water disposal, composting, site decontamination, and contaminated land. All our clients are important, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. We understand all your needs and strive to satisfy them. If you have any questions or would like more information, then visit our website at Today, we look at solutions for contaminated land.

Dealing with Contaminated Land

Contaminated land is often a difficult issue to tackle. Current and ongoing changes to environmental legislation have considerable influence over land remediation and development. As such, it is critical for you as a builder, developer, or remediation company, to know your legislation inside and out. If you need help with contaminated land, we offer cost-effective, comprehensive services to ensure you adhere to the correct legal procedures. Furthermore, we can even provide testing and waste evaluation services to analyse the land for you. Our analyses are custom-tailored to suit your needs and carried out by professionals. Our team can detect WAC, metals, TPH, VOC, and PAH per your requirements. We can also give advice on actually designating your waste as hazardous or non-hazardous. Either designation can often have considerable financial implications.

Designating, Disposing, Managing

The hard part is designating your waste as either hazardous contaminated, non-hazardous contaminated, or inert. Once this is taken care of, we can then create a bespoke package to satisfy your needs. We can even provide on-site soil management, including extraction, loading, transporting, treatment, or disposal and subsequent remediation of the ground.

Treating the Problem

We use innovative treatments for contaminated soils, excluding landfills. We find that our methods allow for greater results and closer adherence to green environmental practices.

We outline an example of our contaminated land treatment process in the diagram below. Our process actively works to avoid soils from taking up rapidly decreasing space in landfills. Moreover, it also works to recycle most of the subsequent aggregate so that you don’t have to worry about landfill tax. As such, you can make considerable savings by working with us.


We have had the pleasure of working with numerous businesses from all over Yorkshire. Our aim is always to deliver outstanding solutions to your waste disposal problems. Among our many regular clients are Black & Veatch Limited, who have made use of our services for years. We always strive to be helpful and efficient, and, as Black & Veatch will attest, we offer very competitive prices. For them, the main advantage of working with us is our strong service and extensive knowledge of legislative requirements. We can also provide additional services to suit your needs, should you require further assistance. These include laboratory testing and chemical analysis. Working with Oates Environmental, you don’t just have a someone to solve your waste disposal worries. You also have a friendly and dedicated team of experts at your disposal.

Top Tips When It Comes to Energy Saving at Work

When it comes to energy saving in the workplace there are so many small changes you can make that will help you to make huge savings in the long run. With a lot of energy savings easily made by changing employees habits in the workplace, you’ll be able to quickly see huge reductions be enforcing a few new rules in your place of work along with making some of the key changes suggested below. Here’s a few small changes you could make that will help you to make a difference and save energy:

Motion Sensor Lights

Lights which are operated on a motion sensor make a considerable difference to the amount of energy you can save. It’s a good idea to have these in areas which are used less than others for example the kitchen areas, toilets and meeting rooms, as they will only turn on when the rooms are in use meaning you won’t be paying for rooms which are unused where the lights have been left on all day. They are also especially popular in warehousing where some aisles may not be used as regularly as others helping to save large amounts of energy.

Ensure all PCs are Shut Down at the End of the Day

Leaving computers on standby mode overnight is a huge drain of resources and wastes so much energy. Remind colleagues to shut down their work stations everyday before they leave rather than leave them on standby mode and overtime you’ll see considerable changes that will make a big difference to your energy bills.

Switch your Supplier

One of the best ways you can make savings without having to do very much at all is by switching your energy supplier. Take a look at a company like OVO, who offer fair pricing and a great service, it could make such a big difference to your outgoings, especially when priced up over a year long period.

Install Solar Panels

Free, clean and renewable solar energy is one of the best resources that we have and will be beneficial to reducing your bills. Although solar panels can be costly to install, overtime the energy you’ll save make them well worth the initial investment. They’ll also help you to present yourself as a more responsible employer who cares about looking after the environment.

By using a combination of these methods, you’ll quickly and easily be able to significantly reduce your energy costs and make your business much more environmentally friendly.

How to Cut the Cost of Sending Goods Overseas in Three Simple Steps

For most entrepreneurs and business owners, shipping goods overseas is a modern-day necessity. Thanks to the increasing role of the internet in retail, commerce has gone global, and that means that markets have shifted from your local area, to all around the world.

If you have any intention of remaining competitive, you have to get on board with this, which is why even the smallest home business now offers international delivery to its newly exotic clientele.

But how do you keep costs down to help you maintain your competitive edge? Here are a few tips and tricks that we think you’ll find useful…

1: Compare Quotes

This should be your golden rule when you’re choosing courier suppliers or collaborators like My parcel delivery for any aspect of your enterprise: always shop around to see who will offer you the most competitive prices. It’s not enough to use comparison sites alone, although there are plenty of these out there to help you. Instead, be proactive and choose the old-fashioned method of ringing around and speaking to a company representative in person. Use the prospect of repeat business as a bargaining chip, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices you’re offered.

2: Weigh Your Goods Before You Send Them

Now for trick number two: always weigh your items before you send them. Almost all business owners will simply guesstimate the weight of their packages, adding a little extra on top just to be on the safe side. The result being that you’re almost always paying over the odds. Use a little common sense instead, and invest in some high quality scales to help you achieve a greater degree of accuracy. You may not save fortunes, but we’ve all heard that age-old adage: ‘take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’

3: Shop Around for an Insurer

If you’re planning on sending high value goods thousands of miles overseas, it is of course a good idea to take out insurance to protect both you and your buyer should anything happen to your product whilst it’s in transit. However, rather than making the common mistake of adding this in as an extra with your courier, first shop around and see if there are better offers available. Even the smallest saving each time you post an item can add up to a significant sum over time.

Cut your costs and increase your profit margins today: simply follow our three top tips to see how they can help you.

Steps to a Successful Online Marketing Campaign

If you are going to have any success whatsoever in business today, you need to be smart, strategic, and really deliberate when it comes to marketing online.

We live in the middle of the most competitive business environment that has ever existed in human history. New global businesses are popping up left and right, almost out of thin air, and there’s never been as many business competitors fighting over the same amount of customers as there is today.

On top of that, we are all bombarded with more marketing and advertising than ever before. So much so that many of us have developed “blinders” to literally ANYTHING that isn’t laser targeted to our specific needs and our specific situation.

But with deliberate online marketing, and really strategic online marketing campaigns, you’re able to flip the switch of success in your favor and unlock the kind of financial future you’ve always dreamed of.

Understand EVERYTHING about your customer

The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs that have next to no success in business today aren’t failing because of bad products or services, but are instead failing because they do not fully understand EVERYTHING about their customer and then they don’t cater all of their marketing and advertising to that person specifically.

You want to know as much about your customer as you possibly can, getting to know not only one day are looking for from your products or services but also the kinds of people that they are behind the scenes. This allows you to create much more effective online marketing (any kind of marketing, for that matter), and is the first step towards really great advertising.

Master your message

After understanding as much about your perfect customer as possible, you’ll want to work on crafting as perfect a marketing message as possible – using language that they will instantly recognize, language that day are going to have affinity for, and language that not only persuades but also gives you a lot of influence and status as well.

You want to come off as much of an “insider” and on their side as possible, and that’s only ever going to happen when you create messages that speak their language (so to speak) and are really laser targeted to their specific needs with clarity that cuts through all of the noise and confusion in the market today.

Target your market reach

There’s a reason why you are going to find commercials that cater to a very specific demographic (toy commercials, for example) on specific television programs (the Disney Channel, for example) and not on others – and that’s because big businesses understand the importance of laser targeted reach with their messaging.

Online you have the ability to laser target to a much finer degree than with any other marketing opportunity, and you’re going to need to make the most of this power. Sure, you’ll still want to reach as many people as you’re able to to give yourself every opportunity of creating a successful online campaign, but a shotgun style approach to marketing – blasting your message anywhere and everywhere – just isn’t going to cut the mustard.
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How To Choose eCommerce Shopping Carts: A Guide For Newbies

Without ecommerce cart software, it would be nearly impossible to sell items online; but the sheer number of choices is daunting. Before you start comparing options, decide which features that you will need, including payment gateways, coupon codes, shipping options, etc. Now you can review the alternatives that are within your budget.

Shopping cart services typically have templates to create online stores or HTML coding for complete customization. If you are a newbie, choose shopping cart software with a wide range of templates that fit your industry. Typically, you will be able to make slight changes, such as selecting a different color scheme, with the click of a button. The more templates a shopping cart provider offers, the less chance there is of building a store that resembles one of your competitors’. To brand your business, you will need a unique, professional website that sets you apart from other online stores selling similar merchandise.

Remember, according to SecureNetShop, a template is basically the structure for the online store your customers will use everyday. User-friendly websites with multiple search options make it easy for customers to find items. Hassle-free checkout pages that feature a prominent Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption verification will help you avoid a high shopping cart abandonment rate.

Finally, ensure your shopping cart ecommerce software is easy to use. If adding products, changing the featured items and keeping the store updated is straightforward, you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Promotional Products Go Beyond Marketing

Logo Items. Seems straightforward enough; giveaway products that have your company logo on them. But, take a step back and look at promotional products, the way we use them. It goes way beyond “stuff with logos.” Promotional products may work be one of the most diverse marketing tools we use. The range of objectives for which branded items are used is amazing. Companies the leverage promo items well take a holistic approach, carrying themes and continuity throughout their efforts. We have captured the eight most popular applications for promotional products.

Trade Show Giveaways
Let’s start with what most people think about when they consider promo items, tradeshow giveaways. By far, every trade show is an exhibition of the latest promotional products alongside some of the old stand-bys; logo pens anyone? If you are promoting correctly, buying items for trade shows is more complicated than just getting “stuff with logos”. At any given trade show you have at least three different audiences: 1) Potential buyers. Not in-market, but you want them to know your name. 2) Prospects. These folks may be responsible for your next paycheck. 3) Customers. They keep you going with their business. Clearly, the way you treat these groups (and there may be more) should be different. So why are you buying just one everyone?

Employee Gifts
New employees, acknowledging anniversaries, or the occasional ‘thank you,’ small gifts are great ways to show that you think about the employees and value them. These gifts typically have the company logo imprinted on them and are intended to be a reminder that the company appreciates them.

Employee Rewards / Incentives
Of course, we want to encourage employees to achieve more or better results. It may be sales goals, quality scores, or customer satisfaction ratings, but whatever the objective, recognition through rewards incentivizes employees to reach higher. By using logo items, the recognition remains visible over time and is a reminder of their achievement.

Company Culture
Branded items may not be able to play a significant role in the development of all corporate cultures, but for many, their brand (represented by the logo) and the connection to is a magnet for talent. When this is the case, having logo items such as apparel, cups, bags and more are powerful tools to reinforce that connection. For some companies, the connection is strong enough to open a “company store” that sell logo items to employees in addition to the items they receive.

Client Gifts
Clients are your bread & butter. Showing appreciation for their business is a common practice. Branded gifts can play a significant role in this. Certainly, you can give nice pens, but your consideration should go deeper than a pen for everyone. The options are virtually endless. From fun gift like Fidget Spinners to high-end merchandise like Tumi Bags, you can find a range of branded items to suit a range of clients.

Holiday Gifts
Branded gifts during the holidays is a great way to stay in touch with employees, customers, and vendors. While hard goods like shirts, pens, or chargers are great choices, another product has been packaged to allow branding as well. Food. You can get candies and chocolates with your logo molded right into the product. Way cool!

Point of Sale
Retail stores tend to focus on what they sell. But, they can benefit by considering what they can give away. Promotional items given at the point of sale are a pleasant surprise for customers and if well thought out, can be a great compliment to the merchandise they buy. To get more utility from giveaways, a retailer can consider imprinting the items with an “evergreen” coupon to encourage repeat visits. Using a little imagination can open a wide array of promo item options to help retailers at the point of sale.

In The Packaging
When customer purchase products, those products tend to be for a particular purpose. The customers will only think about the when they use them. But, what if you can stay in front of the customer even when they are not using the product they purchased? Under Armour is a great example of thinking outside the box. When they launched their new line of shoes, they included a custom shaped flash drive, shaped like a jet. The jet was used in their advertising to promote the new shoes, and the promo item extended the impression beyond the shoes themselves.

Planning Your Promotional Item Programs
So there is a lot to do over the next year. From planning for trade shows to employee incentive programs and more, you have a lot to do. Though it may be a bit daunting to try to plan for all of the uses of logo items, you should look ahead and determine what items can work in multiple places. If you plan ahead and purchase in larger quantities, you can save money and reduce your stress.

Warning Signs that a Small Business is about to Fail

For every successful business, there are a dozen others that fail. We rarely hear about these. However, it’s important to keep failure in mind just to avoid it. Businesses do not spontaneously fail. There are often glaring warning signs and red flags that can be spotted for months and sometimes even years in advance. Savvy businesspeople know to spot these warning signs and change course in time to avert disaster. Here is a list of signs that a small business is about to fail, and some tips on avoiding the certain fate.

Low Sales Profits

Obviously, anyone can tell if a business is not doing well if the sales numbers are bad. If a company is new, it’s normal for sales numbers to fluctuate now and then. However, if the numbers are gradually decreasing every month, then you have a major problem in your hands. Do not speculate why the sales are slumping, however. There could be many different reasons, including factors that you can control and certain market realities that you can’t do anything about. To know for sure, call for a companywide review, like Global Resources Business Reviews. It will diagnose the problem or issues and give you a set of recommendations on fixing the problems.

Cost of Acquisition that Exceeds Income

If you are spending more money on acquiring new customers for your business than what you are earning in sales and investments, then your business is losing money. The cost of acquisition should be justified by a return of investment. If you don’t have much ROI to show, then you are just flushing away money. These two numbers should be carefully securitized several times a year to make sure your company does not go into debt.

Inflated Marketing Budgets

It’s normal for companies to get too competitive and spend everything on marketing. Yes, marketing is crucial for getting your brand name out there. However, it’s not all there is to business. Your marketing budget should be proportional to what you are earning. More importantly, the marketing team must have solid data to back up the budget, such as increased traffic numbers and high conversion rates. If not, then you are spending way too much on marketing.

Constant Customer Complaints

This is the writing on the wall for many B2C companies. If your business is always receiving customer complaints, then you are doing something wrong. A good customer experience is strongly correlated with higher sales. If the customer experience is not as good as it should be, then your brand will soon lose its appeal. This is a good indication that you need to invest in better customer support.

Low Employee Retention Rates

Not only the customers, if employees, too, are fleeing your company, then you are in serious trouble. A bad work environment can keep talent away from your business, and thus prevent you from hiring the best of the best. You should invest in making the work environment more pleasant so your company can remain competitive.

Doing an overall business review will help you spot the above problems early on and allow you time to remedy the situation before it too late.

How Using a Quick Quote Calculator can Save Your Business Time and Money

For many small business owners, saving money is essential. Cutting back business costs can increase cash flow, helping a company to grow and expand. When saving, there are many different areas to choose from, so it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you consider outsourcing? Or perhaps buy second-hand specialist equipment?

As a small business owner, it is important to remember that reducing expenditure should not hinder the quality of your goods or services. This is particularly true if your business operates online. In a digital marketplace where consumers can buy products in an instant, your business needs to offer value for money via low prices, high quality or a better service.

With so many businesses offering fast same and next-day delivery, you need to make sure that your company is able to compete. This is where using a quick quote calculator comes in. By streamlining your shipping process, quick quotes can offer huge benefits to both businesses and customers alike.

Wrap and Pack

Before you can ship an order, you must first pick and pack. While larger companies often have a large warehouse, carefully stacked inventory, dedicated staff and a honed packing process, many smaller business owners are left trying to pack orders between other tasks. To make packing a quicker and easier process, make sure you have all of your materials to hand. In addition, always make sure to wrap orders securely, to avoid items arriving damaged.

Choose a Quick Quote

Unless you already have a contract with a specialist shipping company, you are now faced with selecting a courier service. Searching through website after website can be a painful and time-consuming process. However, quick quote systems can provide instant information, helping you to make a fast decision and freeing up time for core business activities. Simply fill in the parcel’s destination, weight and size with TNT and select the option that is right for your business and your customers.

Collect and Ship

Forget running out and trying to ship all of your parcels before the final collection time. With quick quotes systems, you can arrange to have all of your company’s shipments to be collected. Simply select a location and time that works for you and your business, gather the tracking information and let your customers know their order has been shipped.

Quick quotes systems can be a fantastic time saver for small business owners, providing instant prices for different shipping services. They can also save your business money, by freeing time for core activities and helping you find the best price.

Wondering Why You Were Denied Compensation Benefits? The Answers Will Shock You

Workers’ compensation insurers may deny or question the validity of your claims, forcing you to hire a lawyer to enforce your rights. Some of the reasons they deny rightful claims are as follows:

You delayed reporting your injury

The insurers assume that if you don’t report your injury immediately, then you weren’t really hurt. In most states, workers’ compensation laws require that you to report work-related injuries within days. Regardless of the severity of your injury, report the accident to your supervisor and fill out a work-related accident report. By doing that, you will have complied with the law and will help your odds of getting benefits in case you need them.

No one was there to witness your injury

You are likely to be denied your compensation claims if your injuries went unwitnessed. While there is nothing you can do if no one saw your accident, you should report your injury to your supervisor and coworker when everything about it is still fresh. Tell everyone exactly same thing about how your accident occurred.

You’ve been using illegal drugs and have now been found in your system

An injured employee may be denied workers’ compensation benefits if, after diagnosis, illegal drugs were found in their blood system. Only a competent workers compensation attorney can help to explore other avenues for such an employee to be compensated.

Your accident report is not reading same as your initial medical records

Giving inconsistent statements about how the accident happened will make the insurer to deny you workers’ compensation claims. If you don’t want to hurt your case, the story that you told your supervisor should be the same thing that you told your doctor. Be consistent when you tell your supervisors, coworkers, doctors, and administration about how the accident happened

You filed a claim after you were fired or laid off

If you were legitimately injured but delayed to file a workers’ compensation claim and got fired or laid off before you file the claim, the chances are that you will be denied compensation claims. Do you have a legitimate work-related injury? File it right away. If you get fired before you file your claim, you will have a very hard time convincing the workers’ compensation insurer and the judge that you were really injured at work.

You never gave insurance company a recorded statement or refused to sign medical authorizations

In most cases, workers’ compensation insurers require that an injured worker supplies them with a recorded statement, giving all detailed about the accident and the injuries. However, giving a recorded statement will not help the victim who doesn’t have a lawyer. Asking for a statement is a sign that the insurer is not willing to put the injured employee on workers’ compensation benefits. And if the employee refuses to handle the statement to the insurer, then that becomes a good excuse for the insurer to deny him claims

An injured employee will also be asked to sign medical authorizations to allow the insurer be able to access the worker’s medical records direct from their health care provider. By doing so, the insurer will invade your privacy and might get medical records that totally do not relate to the accident.

If the insurer pushes you to do what you feel or think is violating your rights, then you should talk with an attorney right away, and let him deal with the insurer.

5 Useful Hazard signs and Their Importance

To ensure good health and safety, one of the major ways is to have an effective mode of communication. Therefore, here are some of the hazard signs that are useful when it comes to alerting someone.

One of the most common and vital aspects for all living individuals is to understand the danger and the ways to deal with it. For this reason, having different hazard signs is essential as it acts as a main point of reference.

The ultimate aim of using these signs is to eradicate the danger in the potentially hazardous situation. So, here are some of the signs that you can use in your place so that you can keep your people safe and sound.

  1. Forklift Symbol Sign:

This  hazard sign can be used to reinforce rules of safety to forklift operators. If some activities are going on at a pedestrian path, this sign will warn all the pedestrians regarding the forklift traffic. Hence, they will be more alert while going through that way. The only motive to use this symbol is to decrease the danger regarding forklift.

  1. Guard Dog Symbol Sign:

Having a dog is one amazing experience. Apart from being a man’s best friend, the presence of a dog turns out to be extremely beneficial when it comes to protection and safety. However, having a dog becomes a liability at that point of time when it ends up biting a visitor without any reason. Thus, having this sign at the entrance will alert all your visitors so that they can take a precautionary step while entering.

  1. Slippery Surface Symbol Sign:

You can use this in your premises to warn people about the wet floor to prevent slipping and falling. You must have come across this sign in public places once in your life. So, you can even utilise it in your office so that you can save yourself from liabilities if a person falls off and gets injuries. Instead of telling everyone individually, having this sign on the spot will lower down your burden.

  1. Poison Symbol Sign:

When it comes to warning people about the poisonous substance in the vicinity, this symbol is quite useful. Although the symbol is quite famous in the military area, anyone can utilise this symbol on a container that contains hazardous chemicals so that people can vary from it.

  1. Electrical Hazard Symbol Sign:

This sign proves out to be a boon at places where electrical energy of a high voltage can harm any living organism. Be it equipment or conductors of electricity, simply use this sign to warn people about anything, and they will take care of themselves on their own.

So, these are the top 5 hazard signs that you can use in your premises so as to neglect any danger. These signs are available online, and you can purchase them as per your requirement So, use them wisely in your area, and save lives.