Why Dubai is the best for Business

Dubai is known as one of the fastest growing days in the world. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city which offers world-class services to their clients. Dubai has grown and experienced economic progression in the years.  Even when the global recession hit several countries around the world, Dubai stood as safest place for foreign investors and businesses. Have you ever wondered why all international companies from the US and UK and Europe established their office in Dubai? The advantages of business formation in Dubai are far beyond the luxury and liberal environment.

0% Tax

We can find an attractive low tax system in Dubai which makes it a perfect place to business formation in Dubai. If you are planning to start a business in sectors like finance, media, construction and hospitality this country can offer you the best.

Strategic Location of the City

One more factor which makes the country successful and effluents is the location of UAE the Middle East region where is the East meets the WEST. Located strategically on the new Southern Silk Road between Asia, Europe and Africa, the UAE enjoys fabulous trading facilities. The various countries and regions that are in business relations with the Dubai and connect with the world are:

China (utilizes UAE to reach Africa)

India (utilizes UAE to contact the world)

Latin America (utilizes UAE to reach South Asia)

Western nations (utilizes UAE as a center for the Middle East)

Global Trade-hub

International companies are given a lot of alternatives in setting up their business in Dubai. In Limited liability companies (LLC), foreign investors can become a 49% shareholder and business formation in Dubai. You need a local sponsor who is up to 51% of the total shares and you have to pay him upfront charge in cash or through share capital. Furthermore there are options like free zones for business formation in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE which allows 100% foreign ownership.

The Know Series – The Basics of Direct Email Marketing

Though there are various tactics which can be used to carry out email marketing, direct email marketing is known to work better and in a much more effective manner. However, if you want to succeed in it, there are certain things that you have to take into consideration. With direct email marketing you have to analyze the factors that make your website and products stand out. In addition to this you have to figure out reasons why clients ought to visit your site and not any other and lay these factors out in a unique selling proposition. Always, make it clear, short and precise.

This proposal is supposed to achieve three main tasks, one is capturing the attention of the reader, two is dishing out relevant information and three is urging the reader to take action. Once you have all these factors in place, the next step is to start looking for your target market and finding means to advertise your site. You can create a criteria of the individuals who you believe would be interested in your products, for instance, you could have those who are employed or unemployed and base your promotional schemes on attracting the group you believe will be receptive to your products.

Positioning your products at this stage then becomes imperative. This is mainly due to the fact that you have to make the products attractive and appealing enough to your target market. This means that you have to customize all the products you have on offer. In addition to this, encourage people who visit your site to leave comments on what they would love to see in the future and give gifts to people who meet this end. In this case, it does not have to be something overly expensive. Always remember that you should never send your mails to people who have not asked to be mailed as this will only be viewed as spam and deleted.