This is an essay niche of the writer about marketing. This is a marketing proposal on how will be the product be advertised. All the brands that are mentioned are purely coincidental.

Product: Services (Transportation)

Name: Eurostar Britain-Poland Line High Speed Rail

Slogan: Connecting Britain and Central Europe with ease.

Who will be the target market and what will be used to make the target market patronize the service?


The target market of the said line is all of the wealthy and working class from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Poland. The service is marketed to all age but mostly from 18-65 years old since they are the ones who travel most including vacations, work-related transportation, etc.

Target market is a particular group of consumers or dependents on the service depending on what the said product or service is aimed at. In case of the proposal, I suggest that it will be a general market but since the Eurostar is different from other products or services, we chose an A-C bracket and our demographics will be from late teenage years to early senior years. But it can be all demographics since our services is transportation so it covers all.

Eurostar Railway Company used target market analysis to widen the audience impact for our services. Eurostar is a passenger high-speed rail line that connects the United Kingdom from London to Continental Europe. Since we also traverse three countries, we will also use French, German and Polish languages down to the E category.

Strategies adopted:

We are doing not only we will show the train traversing the tracks but we will also do a campaign, a tourism campaign of four countries the Eurostar will be passing through. We adopted what we saw in the advertisements of the Japan Railways and the Philippine National Railways HSR divisions. We contacted the said rail companies via their respective countries’ embassies to get permission and ideas from them.

The brand was launched so as the rail line in an exciting, catchy and inspiring advertisement. We can also use emotional appeal just like the “Habagat” and the Mindanao Railways did to their commercials. Since this is transportation, we encourage our fellow Europeans to travel around Europe and explore what is inside our continent.

Materials used:

Video camera: A DSLR camera would be good; set in High definition.

Video editing software: Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro.



It will be in the said four countries and their respective tourist destinations such as Paris, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Katowice, Warsaw, Oswiecim, London, Marseille, and Strasbourg. The setting would be a dog lost in a road, that then rides the Eurostar, and walks all around the said cities while also riding the train afterwards. We will also do a door sequence like in France’s SNCF TGV commercial or a celebration like in Japan’s Kyushu Shinkansen Commercial where people celebrating the train’s passage from one community to the other. The first idea came from another HSR company Thalys, but instead of a cat over a vacuum cleaner (in Belgium and the Netherlands), we replaced it with a dog walking on the street in Germany and then Poland.

Where it will be shown?
The commercial will be shown in various TV stations in UK, France, Germany and Poland. It can also be shown on the Getessaynow website and most importantly on social media.
Are there any posters or and print material used? None

Penetrating the market:

Market penetration is a kind of a movement on what will the strategy be used in order to market the product or service in a target market.

We can penetrate the market by the use of social media. People are now active in social media. We can use hash tags and post their experience in the Eurostar. In our video, they can share the emotional touch of the commercial. We also flash the price of the ticket and we will also do promos to attract them to book their travel immediately.


We cannot have a distribution strategy YET for now since we are a transportation company and it is the people that will go to us. Even some rail companies do not have commercials. Only airlines do commercial frequently but we suspect that they do not have distribution also. It is only applicable to food products.

Can we do sponsorship?

Definitely YES. We can also use other tools like:

  • Television
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Event management
  • T-shirts
  • Product placement
  • Having a team in a sport

We can also sponsor a show especially a travelling or tourist shows. We can also show them on cable TV around the world since we have tourists coming from other areas of the world. The PNR shows their ad here in Britain to promote the Philippines more than their Tourism Ministry (department) does.

We are targeting tourists and travellers so attaching such wonderful places would do impact not only in the tourism of Europe but also on the Eurostar as well.

Push or pull?

Push promotional strategies makes use of our sales staff and do promotion to raise a demand for our services. But there will be a little hassle since we will flash our routes and they will buy a ticket. It can irritate our customers.

Pull selling strategy means we should do spending and consumer promotion to build a product demand. But considering the social media impact and the fact that Europe is a highly technological advanced continent, and that our trains have Wi-Fi adding to our services like dining, sleeper couch, faster travel, more space and more relaxations, it will be also unlikely.

So push will be a good situation but we will do sponsorship or get it via social media about their experience on the train and their journey.

Thank You and God Speed.